Our opinion

Superb novelty in the region, the Geopark of Percé offers many activities. There is the famous experiential pavilion including the interactive multimedia adventure TEKTONIK. It is structured around the major geological phenomena that shape the landscapes of the locality: the Percé rock, the sea, the mountains, the caves and the crevasse. Several installations are to be explored on the 23 identified geosites, which can be discovered independently or in the form of guided excursions. We could not ignore the glass platform suspended over 200 meters from Mont Sainte-Anne, offering a breathtaking view of the village, the sea, Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. Add to that a zip line as well as a playroom for the youngest with many nets for climbing and twirling. A good day in perspective !


A geopark is a unified geographical space, where sites and landscapes of international geological scope are managed according to a global concept of protection, education and sustainable development. It enhances the geological wealth of sites in connection with all other aspects of their natural and cultural heritage, with a view to improving awareness and understanding of important social issues on the dynamic planet that is ours.

The new Geopark of Percé offers lovers of geology, adventures and thrills a unique opportunity to explore 500 million years.
Under the sign of novelty and pleasure, easily accessible, to have fun in nature, near the sea, in the heart of the exceptional beauties offered by Percé and fall under the spell of little-known secrets.


Trails and lookouts accessible free of charge at all times. Consult the website for complete pricing depending on the activity.
In summer: every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The rest of the year: flexible hours.
4-season camping and ready-to-camp on site ( www.campingbaiedeperce.com ). Several other services on site.