It is easy to get online and find out how to through USPS. The process is actually very easy, but it still takes a bit of attention. If you wish to receive certified mail in a faster way, it pays to be familiar with how to do so. The basic steps in this regard are explained below:

Send Certified Mail Online

Sign up with USPS registered mail international e-commerce company. The US Post Service offers several options for signing up. There are several USPS e-commerce companies that offer registered mail international e-commerce services. Look for one that offers the best rates. Also, look for the fees of other services such as return receipts, an adult signature, and limited delivery tracking. Compare the packages and rates before you sign up with any of these companies.

direct mail

Bring the USPS application form from the local post office. Most local post offices have a copy of this form available for anyone to bring to their counters. Alternatively, some places have adapted the local post office application form for use on computers. You will have to complete and sign this form. The certificate of mailing is the document that shows that you have sent certified mail and this needs to be sent through Registered Mail or Certified Mail International.

Get your USPS certified mailing receipt. This is an electronic document that shows the date and time of delivery. You can get a USPS certified mailing receipt by going to any post office that offers this service and presenting your form. The local post office usually provides a tracking number that you can call to track your package. You can send certified mail online without using the tracking number but you will need to make sure that your package gets there.

Call the customer service number on the website. Call the customer service number after you send your application online through the customer service website. You can call to make sure that the company is processing your request or to find out what forms you need to send. If you have an old address or are still getting a delivery tracking number, you might need to call to find out why.

Print out the back of your receipt. On the back of the receipt, attach a label that says Name and Address of the Registered Agent (or whoever is at the other end of the wire). Put a separate line through the letter and include the name and address of your company, your street address and a colon. To protect yourself against becoming a victim of identity theft, this should be the only line on the back of the receipt. This makes it easy for the recipient to find the correct address and return the receipt.


Print out your return receipt. If you use the priority mail option, a return receipt is not part of the actual mailing process. The return receipt serves as proof that the recipient received your letter and it will help the recipient track down your mailing if they receive your mail and don’t recognize your return address. Many companies send return receipts with their first-class mail option or with their invoice. Either way, your return receipt will help you track down your mailing and get your money back.

Put your signature on the bottom of every page of the mailing. Put your signature on the bottom of the first page and on the bottom of each subsequent page. Your signature is part of the mailing and should be included with your proof of mailing. When you send certified mail with a tracking number, it gives the recipient a way to know if they received your letter and if they in fact did, how recent the delivery status of the package was.

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