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Of all the resort haunts in the great outdoors, none breathes Quebec like the outfitter . It goes back to time immemorial, that of coureurs des bois and trappers . One of the hunting to fishing but also a great springboard observation fauna and flora . The Federation of Quebec outfitters brings them together to better see them flourish throughout the territory. And open ourselves to places we would never have dared to think of going. Anthology.


Pourvoirie de la Rivière Corneille
There is a lot to say about the outfitter on the Rivière Corneille , so much does it have the improbable flavor of those places that you think you will never be able to taste. It is withering away on a granite islet at the confluence of the Corneille River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence , facing Anticosti Island . A paradise for freshwater fishing, from the salmon river that gives its name to the outfitter at Lake Tanguay , its 25 km of shores and its refuge where you can cook your speckled trout , landlocked salmon or arctic char.. A paradise for fishing in the salty waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which also offers shores supplied with shellfish to collect at low tide. Contemplative people will find there a strategic point of observation of whales and gray seals on the gulf side and rare birds on the land sides: eider , cormorants and puffins . Unless they prefer the air, by helicopter or seaplane , to discover the wild territories of the North Shore and Lake Turgeon .


Pourvoirie Pavillon Beauregard
Located northeast of Mont-Laurier , a 3-hour drive from Montreal , the Pavillon Beauregard combines immersion between lakes, mountains and forests and rustic and modern comfort conducive to family as well as professional rejuvenation. . 140 km2 where it is good to stroll, whether you opt for land routes on a hiking or quad , lake, canoe or aerial, helicopter or seaplane trail. Hunting enthusiasts can practice at the shooting range before setting off in search of the black bear. But it is fishing that makes the reputation of the outfitter. With 40 bodies of water, it offers a remarkable playground and a rich fishery managed with care. Here you ‘ll find northern pike and walleye , speckled trout and toulad i – as well as expert advice from professionals. We will end a busy day at the intimate wine bar, around a blaze – or at the restaurant open to the surrounding nature.


Mijocama Outfitter
In the heart ofQuebec’s Outaouais , in Haut-Gatineau , a little outfitter miracle. Michel, Jocelyn, Carole and Maurice set their sights on an abandoned site in 1996 and patiently rebuilt it, with time and love. Today, the jewel of Giles Lake has turned into pure land of adventure for all ages and all seasons. Summer hiking and cycling have been replaced by snowshoes , cross-country skiing and dog sledding in winter. Mijocama is also famous for its fishing parties, including the ‘largemouth bass is the undisputed king, and of course of black bear and deer hunting . Game abounds in the woods surrounding the peninsula – and you might learn how to trap animals. In terms of accommodation, nine intimate chalets, some on the lake with private jetty.


SANCTUARY Kenauk Nature
Located near Montebello , north of the Ottawa River , Kenauk Nature is quite simply one of the largest and oldestprivate wildlife and fish reserves in North America. An outfitter in superlatives: a territory of 259 km2 and more than 60 lakes in an invaluable setting of unspoiled nature, entirely focused on an immersive experience that respects the environment. Among the renowned activities, wildlife observation, on foot, by canoe on Lac Poisson Blancor on a 4×4 off-piste excursion, those for big game hunting and of course those for lure and fly fishing in a fabulous setting. Among the stars of freshwater, we find pike , rainbow and speckled trout or even largemouth bass . But people also come to Kenauk for its extraordinary private wooden chalets. The indescribable sensation of relaxation when, in the evening, you listen to the loonie from your pontoon, on the edge of your private lake …


Réserve Beauchêne
From the top of the Témiscabitibien hinterland , the Réserve Beauchêne offers a spectacular view of the Ottawa River valley, in addition to an idyllic setting for lovers of escape and isolation. It retains forty lakes wriggling of no less than seven fish species, including the northern pike , walleye , lake trout and brook trout native to Taggart Lake . Not to mention the hunt for moose in the black bear and grouse crested . Resort lovers won’t be disappointed either. The guided hikes or bike rides in the middle of the sugar maple trees are matched by lake activities such as canoeing , paddle boarding or swimming. Many sandy beaches are indeed accessible by boat, including the two most famous: that of the Bear Bay campsite and that of the remote Beauchêne Beach camp . Next to these accommodations cut off from the world, there are also luxury American plan chalets. Nature for all tastes.