Of all the resort haunts in the great outdoors, none breathes Quebec like the outfitter . It goes back to time immemorial, that of coureurs des bois and trappers . That of hunting , fishing but also a great springboard for observing flora and fauna . The Federation of Quebec outfitters brings them together to better see them flourish throughout the territory. And open ourselves to places we would never have dared to think of going. Anthology.



Pourvoirie du Lac Oscar
The outfitter of Lac Oscar is first and foremost the story of the Farrar family and their passion for this land, still unknown at the end of the 1960s. 40 years later, the he original idea of ​​sharing the love of nature, fishing and hunting has developed into an emblematic place in Haute-Mauricie , which extends over a territory of over 230 km2. A paradise for adventurers who will be spoiled for choice among the flowing waters of the rivers or the thirty speckled trout lakes. Without forgetting the famous white reservoir and its waterways of 80 km, also rich in walleye and other pike. Hunting enthusiasts will have plenty of time to track moose and other small game . Many tailor-made packages are offered on site, which determine the sector and especially its accommodation. The outfitter has an offer exclusively made up of wooden chalets, comfortable and fully equipped.


Rapide Sept outfitter
Immerse yourself in the heart of aremote, wild and legendary territory . Algonquins , gold diggers , coureurs des bois have surveyed the region and it is in their footsteps that André Yersin invites you to discover the magic of a rich and exceptionally diverse landscape. On the fishing side, we are served. The Rapide-Sept outfitter is nestled on the banks of the Decelles reservoir , one of the largest bodies of water in the province. With the Ottawa River , we obtain the combined promise of memorable nautical activities, but also of a miraculous fishing made of walleye and northern pike . As for accommodation, you can count on the comfortable log cabin , the campsite and, for the more adventurous, two remote camps with 4 and 10 places respectively, in total immersion in nature and accessible by boat only. A destination that stands out for its tranquility and beauty.


Club Fontbrune outfitter
No season is too good at the Club Fontbrune outfitter . Resolutely geared towards a family audience who love thrills, it offers a comprehensive range of outdoor activities that will satisfy both adventurers and contemplatives. Besides the practice of traditional fishing and ice fishing or hunting ( bear , moose , deer ), we appreciate having the choice. In summer, hiking, canoeing and quad raid ; in winter, snowmobile sliding sports, dog sledding – including memorable 1 to 7 day (s) immersion expeditions in the Hautes-Laurentides . What to appreciate who of the rusticity of his refuge in the forest, which of the comfort of his chalet and of a good outbreak in the evening. However, those who simply want to spend a moment of calm and rest will not be disappointed: spa and sauna are open year round.


Pourvoirie Wapus
Return to the “outfitter” spirit on the immense and majestic territory of Wapus . 272 km2 of trails, lakes, rivers and woods that combine pure air and thrills in a cocoon of nature like no other. Black bears and moose are hunted there. We fish there, of course, and in quantity! Each species has its secrets and we receive expert advice from hosts on the presence of different populations in the surrounding lakes. Walleye and pike at Lac Poliquin ; lake trout at Wapus lake or speckled trout at Benson lake, accessible by seaplane – which you can also take to admire the breathtaking landscapes around Lake Christina and its surroundings. Unless you opt for a water activity (or the heated swimming pool). The American plan is undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the finesse of a cuisine that you do not expect in such a place and that you can enjoy in the warm room of the lodge as well as in your chalet while team.


Domaine Bazinet
Domaine Bazinet combines families and outdoor activities, in all seasons. The warmth of the place will begin and perhaps end in one of the cozy cabins – unless one prefers the Inn with a View or camping in the woods, of course – and continues at the Multi Outdoor Center. -activities specially designed for children. There is something for everyone. Water sports ( pedal boat , canoe , paddle ), hiking on one of the trails that crisscross the region and offer the opportunity to observe a rich fauna and even treasure hunt! Winter is not to be outdone and will be an opportunity to shine on a snowmobile or to put on yoursnowshoes . At night, another spectacle follows: that of illuminated sites that invite young and old to continue the adventure under the stars . Skating rink, waterfall, sliding track… You could almost forget the traditional activities of fishing on a speckled or rainbow trout from a boat and moose hunting.

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