If all roads lead to Rome, those of Québec Nature lead to destinations rich in emotion. Whether hiking or on the water, the escape feeds on experiences as diverse as they are enchanting.

The aquatic reputation of the Belle Province is well established, and nothing like a trip to the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park to measure its power. Sea kayaking is therefore perfectly suited to tame this land of giants, a word that seems to have been carved for its fjord, impressive from all angles. Among others under the one offered by Voile Mercator, a sailing school whose trips between the steep cliffs make you open your eyes wide. If the show is on the water, it can also come from below. The underwater fauna, pampered by the abundant waters of the St. Lawrence, is an unparalleled spectacle. Whales and belugas remain the stars of the river, stars that the Croisières Essipit company makes more accessible through excursions starting from Bergeronnes on the North Shore. Fans of pure sensations will opt for the rivers traversed by H2O Expeditions et Aventure , while those fond of surfing will no doubt be surprised to learn that they can indulge in this sport-leisure in the heart of the city thanks to KSF Montreal .

On dry land, the magic operates just as much. Direction the Far North of Quebec and Parc national Kuururjuaq for example. This small paradise located in Nunavik , an Inuit territory of 4,000 km2, offers awe-inspiring landscapes where mountains, sea and tundra merge. In this setting where legends emerge, the expeditions leave an indelible mark! © Parc national de Kuururjuaq Indélébile is a word that also sticks to the white cliffs of Anticosti National Park

Placed on the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this island bewitches those who set foot there and leave, sated, this wild territory riddled with caves where white-tailed deer abound.

Another place, another XXL seduction: the Gaspésie National Park . High place of hiking, this territory capped with peaks of over 1000 meters is crossed by the famous International Appalachian Trail (IAT) . This portion of Quebec was approved as a Grande Randonnée (GR) trail in 2015. Guided outings of 1 to 5 days, from intermediate to difficult levels, are offered to amateurs, in a spirit respectful of nature and in phase with the products of the region. terroir in terms of food. You can also embark on this adventure with a capital A independently, an adjective very popular in this little paradise.

The Mingan Archipelago National Park reserve on the North Shore , with its impressive monoliths sculpted by time and its abundant flora, is another guarantee of change of scenery, just like the Traversée de Charlevoix , synonymous with challenge in the heart of the world biosphere reserve.