Seven years ago a rare specimen was born in Montreal . Moored at the quays of the Old Port , an old ferry promised relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of the city. Today, Bota Bota can say that they have met their bet and won hearts.

Not far from the tumult of downtown and the effervescence of the streets of Old Montreal , after crossing a footbridge, another world is offered to those who venture on this side of the canal. The noise has died down and already the skyscrapers seem far away. In front of a four-storey boat stands, on the right a garden and ponds let steam fly towards the sky and between the two, the Saint-Laurent river opens towards infinity. In 2010, even before the opening, Geneviève Émond, co-owner of Bota Bota, knew what to focus on in order to enhance the space. “What sets us apart is the fact that the spa is located on a boat. So, we bet on it! She declared.

Still today, visitors change into what looks like the old ship holds, they rest in the large portholes, go through bridges and spiral staircases to go from one floor to the next. other and everywhere on the decks, they have a view of the water. At Bota Bota , no doubt: we are indeed on an old ferry. This idea of ​​preserving the naval soul of the place has also made its place in the most recent spaces opened in 2015, which made it possible to increase the surface area for relaxation by 50%. On the mainland, right next to the boat, the Gardens, surrounded by recovered containers, offer a swimming pool , a hot bath , a cold bath , a saunaand a steam bath . Then, in a relaxation room: bunk beds and ladders to access them, as in ships. In another: hammocks, because they are linked to maritime history. “The hammock remains stable when the boat rocks,” recalls Geneviève Émond.

At Bota Bota, the years go by and are not alike because we are always looking to innovate. “Our menu offers a very wide choice of treatments which are very diverse. Then, the seasons or the holidays bring their unique events: special treatments for Mother’s Day, an Easter brunch or outdoor yoga in summer, for example. The result, after seven years of this gentle medicine? Impressive international media coverage but above all, most important for Geneviève Émond, customers who come and return. “We receive a lot of tourists, but the majority of our visitors are Montrealers and that’s perfect. We want to build a local customer base that is loyal and is there 365 days a year. When she looks ahead, Geneviève Émond sees other projects to come.Bota Bota is undoubtedly well moored in the waters of Montreal , which does not prevent it from continuing to advance.